To continue the efforts for growth of the association a number of projects and activities are currently being considered for the schedule of ASPHA activities for the next year. Some of these proposed activities are listed below.

  1. To provide a forum for sharing innovative ideas and resources to adapt scientific knowledge specific to our particular environs to promote health, reduce disease burden and alleviate poverty to help accelerate health development in Africa.
  2. To allow joint actions for evaluating the different curricular, tools and materials being used for training by the different institutions and work towards setting specific standards and creating generic curricular for training in the schools of public health
  3. To strengthen competences in training and research in the institutions and build partnerships in order to share the diverse knowledge and expertise possessed by individual leaders and institutions thereby providing an avenue for accrediting courses through peer assessments.
  4. To identify gaps that currently exist and are a hindrance to capacity building in Africa so as to prioritize methods sustainable in the African context for optimizing the use and sharing of local resources and expertise on the continent

  To Create a virtual faculty of public Health Experts in Africa that can be easily accessed in the region